What do Restaurant Business Brokers Do?

What do restaurant business brokers do?

Restaurant Business Brokers are more similar to a quarterback on a football team than most people think. Restaurant Brokers are the quarterbacks for the sale process. Quarterbacks are known to be some of the smartest people on the team. A team that has a great quarterback has a competitive edge over another group.

Restaurant Business Brokers are responsible for coordinating all the various aspects of the restaurant sale. Restaurant Sales can be more complicated than residential real estate sales or general business brokerage. Remarkably similar to a quarterback position being a specialized position, it takes Restaurant Brokers years to specialize in the minor details of Restaurant Brokerage.

Dominique Maddox, a Restaurant Broker and Founder of EATS Broker, says, “a Restaurant Broker and a Quarterback have to be leaders for the team.” To get a Restaurant listing to the closing table, it takes a team effort’. The more complex the deal gets, the more team members will be added.

Nobody wants the deal to get to the closing table more than the Restaurant Broker. A good Restaurant Business Broker should be able to call an audible if he or she notices the deal is falling apart”.

Facts about a Quarterback:

–         Playing a Quarterback is the most demanding position on the field.

–         Has to know all the responsibilities for every player on the offensive

–         Has to understand how the defense is trying to stop them from scoring

–         Has to be able to call audibles if play will fail

–         Quarterbacks can be expensive; they usually are the highest-paid player on the team


Facts about a Restaurant Broker:

Specializing in selling restaurants is a tough business; over 60% of Restaurant Brokers will fail within the industry in the first two years.

–         Has to know the role of every individual or professionals involved in the deal

–         Experienced Restaurant brokers should understand items that could affect the deal from closing.

–         Most deals require written amendments to get the deal closed; a Restaurant Broker needs to know when to call an audible to save a deal

–         A good Restaurant Broker should contact the lawyers, accountants, landlords, lenders, buyer, seller, and closing attorneys throughout the sales process.

–         Restaurant Brokers usually charge 10%-15% or a minimum commission of $10,000


EATS Brokerunderstands the importance of running the offense to score a touchdown and get everyone paid at the closing table. Interested in selling your restaurant? Don’t just hire any Broker; hire a quarterback to get your restaurant sold.

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