How to Sell a Franchise Restaurant?

The decision to sell a franchise restaurant can be challenging in today’s market. The good news is that if you own a Restaurant Franchise, buyers are lining up with interest. Close to 60%-70% of the restaurants for sale in Georgia that sell are franchise concepts.

Franchise concepts are growing right now, while independent owned restaurants are declining. Franchise Restaurants are popular because they come with a proven system, support, business model, logo, IT support, and reputation.

When it is time for a Franchisee to exit the business, they have a couple of choices on how to sell their restaurant. One of the most significant considerations when selling a franchise restaurant is, do I sell to a current franchisee? Or do I sell to a non-franchisee?

Dominique Maddox, a Restaurant Broker and Founder of EATS Broker says, “ selling a franchise restaurant to a current franchisee is much different from selling to a new franchisee. Current franchisees understand the brand; new franchisees need much information to educate them on the Franchise Brand, process, qualifications, training, and closing process”.

Who do you sell your restaurant to, a current Franchisee or a Non-Franchisee? EATS Broker discuss the Pros and Cons:

PROS Selling to an existing Franchisee:

-Dealing with an educated buyer about the franchise

-Has already been approved by the franchise

-The capability of closing a deal fast because they don’t require the standard 4-6 weeks training.

CONS of Selling to a current Franchisee:

-They usually undervalue the business

– They understand the operation of the franchise brand

-They are harder to impress

-It can be challenging for them to get financing


PROS Selling to a Non-Franchisee:

– Can get a higher offer price

– They are excited about the new opportunity

– Usually are not experienced, restaurant owners

– Can sell them the opportunity for growth or proven sales numbers


CONS Selling to a Non-Franchisee: 

– Lots of education about the buying process is needed

– Have to get approved by Franchisor

– Have to do the required training before a new franchisee can complete the sale. Training process is usually 4-6 weeks

– Closing process can take 2-4 months


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