Buying a Restaurant with SBA Lending. Things to Know

Buying a Restaurant with SBA lending is a great opportunity for buyers to finance up to 90% of the total acquisition cost. Restaurant Acquisitions are eligible for Small Business Administration (SBA) 7(a) loans, but the process can be time-consuming and requires many supporting documents. The restaurant buyer’s and the restaurant seller’s financial documents must be […]

Want to sell your restaurant? What Restaurant Equipment do you own?

Want to sell a restaurant?

Want to sell your  restaurant, and it’s time to create an equipment list? What Restaurant equipment do you own as a restaurant owner? This seems easy to answer, but most restaurant owners misunderstand what they own when leasing a restaurant space. The landlord is responsible for creating a lease to protect their interest when leasing […]

Franchise Restaurants are growing in Nigeria

Texas Restaurant Broker

Franchise Restaurants are growing in Nigeria at a rapid pace. Franchise Brands have found the recipe for success growing in Africa’s most populated Country. The growing popularity of Pizza, Chicken, and Hamburgers is leading the franchise growth. Dallas Restaurant Broker Dominique Maddox recently visited Nigeria in June. The last time Maddox saw the Country was […]

Are you selling your restaurant? Are you ready?

Business Broker for Restaurant

Have you thought about selling your restaurant? Are you ready to sell and let go? Selling a restaurant can be a mentally tough and draining decision. Several restaurant owners view ownership of a restaurant as having a child, an business identity, a way to provide for the family, and a legacy. According to Forbes, baby […]

7 Most Common Restaurant Sale Deal Killers

Houston Restaurants for Sale

The most common restaurant sale deal killers are items that are usually out of the hands of a Restaurant Broker. The process to sell a restaurant can feel like a marathon that many participants will have fatigue and not finish the race. It’s a known fact in the Restaurant Brokerage industry less than 50% of […]

How to Get a Restaurant Ready to Sell

How to sell a restaurant

The art of getting a restaurant ready to sell really starts with planning and preparation. Restaurant owners planning to sell a restaurant in 2022, should be in the process of collecting and organizing important supporting documents now.   The New Years is a great time for restaurant owners that are considering selling a restaurant to […]

Steps for first-time restaurant buyer

Restaurant Broker

What are the Steps for first-time restaurant buyers? This question EATS Broker gets multiple times weekly for buyers inquiring about restaurants for sale. Many interested buyers looking at restaurants for sale opportunities will be first-time restaurant buyers. Many buyers are shocked about the difference between buying a home compared to buying a restaurant. The buying […]

Pros and Cons for a Restaurant Asset Sale

The Pros and Cons of buying or selling a restaurant as an Asset Sale can be a Win-Win situation for both parties. In an asset sale, the seller retains possession of the legal business entity name and stocks, and the buyer only purchases the company’s assets. The assets include equipment, leasehold improvements, Goodwill, trade secrets, […]

EATS Broker sell Papa’s Pizza to GO Franchise

Dominique Maddox of EATS Restaurant Brokers sell Papa’s Pizza To Go located in Crawford, GA. EATS Restaurant Brokers represented the seller and buyer. The seller will enjoy retirement after over 20 years of restaurant ownership. The business experienced some troubles of staying open last year and this year due to various reasons. The residents of […]