Franchise Restaurants are growing in Nigeria

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Franchise Restaurants are growing in Nigeria at a rapid pace. Franchise Brands have found the recipe for success growing in Africa’s most populated Country. The growing popularity of Pizza, Chicken, and Hamburgers is leading the franchise growth.

Dallas Restaurant Broker Dominique Maddox recently visited Nigeria in June. The last time Maddox saw the Country was in 2013, and so much has changed regarding Franchise Restaurants’ development and availability in Nigeria.

This blog will cover my recent experience enjoying the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Franchise scene in Abuja, Nigeria.

Abuja, Nigeria, has always had several indigenous fast-food chains like Mr. Biggs, Chicken Republic, and Tantalizers since my first trip to Abuja in 2007. The past 15 years have grown with popular American Restaurant Franchise brands.

I was able to find the following Quick Service Brands while visiting:

-Kentucky Fried Chicken


-Cold Stone Creamery


-Johnny Rocket’s

-Pizza Hut

-Pink Berry


How was the food?

I consider myself a foodie and someone that provides great feedback when it comes to food. These are my following opinions:

Overall, the food taste was different than the franchise brand taste I was used to living in the United States. The interior design was like current franchise specifications.


– The level of sweetness in the food is lower in sweets and ice cream

-The burgers have a lower level of fat content and flavor

– The pizzas did not have enough cheese, and the pepperoni was different in taste


-The restaurant scenery felt like a franchise brand

-The employee training was good, systems were in place, measurements were used for food preparation, and some brands had uniforms.

-Most franchise brands have security guards outside to control traffic

-Food delivery times were similar to the United States

-Pizza Hut had premade tables with plates and dining ware to encourage dining in

-Pizza Hut offered Halal Meat on all Pizzas

–Good effort to recreate franchise brand taste while changing menu to fit the regional taste

-Food menus easy to understand and read


The explosion of popularity of the fast-food industry has reached Nigeria, and it’s growing. The current most popular fast-food chains in Nigeria are McDonald’s, Subway, and Burger King. It’s a lucrative opportunity to grow a Restaurant Franchise Brand in the Country.

Quick Service fast food is a universal language understood around the world. The franchise model is often described as working for yourself but not by yourself. Nigeria and Restaurant Franchise Brands have a partnership that will keep growing in popularity.

**This blog was dedicated to my Brother Ikhide, who recently passed away at the young age of 30. My trip to Nigeria was originally to celebrate his life**

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