Want to sell your restaurant? What Restaurant Equipment do you own?

Want to sell a restaurant?

Want to sell your  restaurant, and it’s time to create an equipment list? What Restaurant equipment do you own as a restaurant owner? This seems easy to answer, but most restaurant owners misunderstand what they own when leasing a restaurant space.

The landlord is responsible for creating a lease to protect their interest when leasing a restaurant space. The restaurant owner is responsible for reading the lease to understand the terms.

Texas Restaurant Broker Dominique Maddox says, “ restaurant owners are shocked when they find out they don’t own any fixtures in the restaurant. The key items in a restaurant like the hood system, grease trap, sink compartments, walk-in coolers/freezers, and misc. Belong to the landlord”.

When selling a restaurant, a restaurant owner must create an equipment list to provide to interested buyers. The Restaurant Broker at EATS Broker requests an equipment list from restaurant owners ready to sell a restaurant before it goes on the market.

Restaurant owners are asked only to provide restaurant equipment that they own. The equipment list and details will differ from restaurant owner to owner, and restaurant owners unfamiliar with the language in their lease usually provide an incorrect equipment list.

A restaurant that is not profitable or closed will be listed as an Asset Sale. Selling a turn-key restaurant fully equipped as an Asset Sale is an excellent opportunity for buyers looking to create their own concept. Restaurant buyers will be curious to know the restaurant equipment involved in the sale.

The Restaurant Broker at EATS Broker creates an equipment checklist to consider:

Items Restaurant Owners should keep off an equipment list because they are attached to the building:

-Walk-in coolers

-Walk-in freezers

-Grease traps

-3 compartment sinks

-Hood system

-HVAC systems

-Tankless water heater 

***Leased Items should not be added either***

-Fountain Drink Dispenser


POS System

-Refrigeration, if provided by the vendor

This blog was written to help restaurant owners create an equipment list that reflects what they own and can be removed from the building. Next time when making an equipment list, restaurant owners should ask themselves do I own this equipment?

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