Steps for first-time restaurant buyer

Restaurant Broker

What are the Steps for first-time restaurant buyers? This question EATS Broker gets multiple times weekly for buyers inquiring about restaurants for sale. Many interested buyers looking at restaurants for sale opportunities will be first-time restaurant buyers.

Many buyers are shocked about the difference between buying a home compared to buying a restaurant. The buying process from purchasing a home to purchasing a restaurant has completely different steps.

The restaurant sales transactions can be more complex where the smallest detail can make the difference from selling a restaurant or a restaurant for sale not selling.

Dallas Restaurant Broker Dominique Maddox says, “I enjoy educating restaurant buyers about the process of buying a restaurant. A big part of my job responsibilities is to educate and help buyers through the restaurant buying process.

The Restaurant Broker at EATS Broker provides a Five Step-by-Step overview of the First time Restaurant Buyer process:

  1. Research online:Restaurant buyers can get an idea of the inventory available on restaurants for sale in the local market on The site is the internet’s largest business-for-sale marketplace.

Individuals interested in buying an existing restaurant can get preliminary information on the site like price, income, EBITDA, cash flow, gross revenue, rent, and year established.

  1. Have documents ready to show– When buying a home, the buyers will contact the bank and get pre-qualified before contacting a Real Estate Agent.

Many buyers are shocked when a Restaurant Broker asks for proof of funds before providing the name, address, and financials of a restaurant for sale.

Restaurant Brokers Golden Rule of Thumb

-If the listing is a franchise or over $100,000, a Restaurant Broker will want to see proof of funds (bank statement, 401K, or letter from bank). The franchise requires a certain amount of liquid funds before approving a potential franchisee.

The landlord will want to see proof that the new tenant can afford the lease. There is no need to provide financials to a buyer that can’t qualify.

-The bank statement, 401K statement, or letter from the bank should be within 60 days; close out your account number because a Restaurant Broker will only need to see your name and amount.

  1. Contact a Business Broker

A majority of the restaurant for sale are listed by a Business Broker or a Restaurant Broker. Buyers are required to sign a confidentiality agreement to access more information about the listing for sale.

A select number of restaurants for sale brokers will provide more information instantly once the non-disclosure is signed. Unfortunately, a large number of the listings will require a buyer to provide proof of funds.

Once non-disclosure is signed and proof of funds, the buyer will get a copy of the package. The package will have the name, photos, financials, details about the lease, and the restaurant’s location.

4. Visit the restaurant

A restaurant buyer gets to visit the restaurant as a customer. Some buyers will want to skip this step and schedule a meeting with the owner to ask questions and tour the kitchen area.

The Restaurant Broker at EATS Broker Tip:

A restaurant buyer should come to the seller-buyer meeting provided with questions. A buyer will learn more about the business and its long-term potential by asking the right questions.

  1. Evaluate and make a buying decision

During this step, a restaurant buyer will evaluate the information they have received from the seller. The buyer will decide whether to make an offer and the contingencies needed to feel comfortable. The buyer will start the due diligence process if the purchase agreement offer is accepted.

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