Buying an existing restaurant in 2024

Buying an existing restaurant

Buying an existing restaurant in 2024 can be a great way to start the year. Buying a restaurant already established and built out can be a cheat code to success. Franchise Restaurant concepts are searching for existing restaurant space to convert to new concepts to save money on the initial build-out cost. The Restaurant Broker […]

Buying a Restaurant with SBA Lending. Things to Know

Buying a Restaurant with SBA lending is a great opportunity for buyers to finance up to 90% of the total acquisition cost. Restaurant Acquisitions are eligible for Small Business Administration (SBA) 7(a) loans, but the process can be time-consuming and requires many supporting documents. The restaurant buyer’s and the restaurant seller’s financial documents must be […]

5 Benefits of Buying an Existing Restaurant

Buying an Existing Restaurant

The 5 Benefits of Buying an Existing Restaurant have many positive attributes. The current restaurant owner has built a proven business model, established a client base, and gone through the headaches of the initial building-out phase of the restaurant space. The harsh reality of the restaurant industry is that 60% of restaurants will close their […]

Buying an existing restaurant to convert to a new concept

Existing Restaurant for Sale

Buying an existing restaurant to convert to a new concept is an excellent way for a non-experienced restaurant owner and an experienced restaurateur to become a restaurant owner. The new buyers benefit from the hard work the current owner has experienced to build out the restaurant, open the restaurant, and maintain the restaurant. An existing […]

Selling your Franchise Restaurant

Selling a franchise restaurant

Are you thinking about selling your franchise restaurant in 2023? We have finished the Holiday season, and now it’s time to get ready to start a new year with new challenges. Some of the most seasoned restauranteurs, managers, and employees exited the restaurant industry in 2022. The challenges of labor rate inflation, labor shortage, food […]

Why do Restaurant Brokers prequalify buyers

Why do Restaurant Brokers prequalify buyers before providing the restaurant name and financials? The answer is simple to protect the confidential information on the restaurant for sale. Restaurant buyers sometimes don’t understand the process of buying a restaurant and what’s involved. Many potential buyers understand they must first sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or confidentiality […]

Closing Attorneys for Restaurant Sales Transactions

Restaurant Business

Closing Attorneys for restaurant sales transactions are an essential part of the selling a restaurant process. Closing Attorneys act as neutral third parties in the transaction. Since they don’t represent either buyer or seller, as an attorney would. Closing Attorneys are known by multiple names like Escrow agents and Real Estate attorneys. The Closing Attorney’s […]

Preparing to Sell a Restaurant-What you Should Know

Restaurant Texas

The decision to sell a restaurant is the first step and figuring out how to sell a restaurant is the second step. When preparing to sell a restaurant, what should you know before starting the process? Baby boomers at record numbers are planning to retire and want to sell a restaurant. The preparation to sell […]

Questions to ask when Buying a Restaurant Franchise Resale

Texas Restaurant Broker

Customers that are buying a Restaurant Franchise resale do intensive research on the restaurant for sale opportunity but not enough research about the Franchise Brand. The relationship between a Franchisee and Franchisor is a business marriage that can end in success or divorce. Franchise Brands provide the franchise disclosure document (FDD) to individuals interested in […]