Closing Attorneys for Restaurant Sales Transactions

Restaurant Business

Closing Attorneys for restaurant sales transactions are an essential part of the selling a restaurant process. Closing Attorneys act as neutral third parties in the transaction. Since they don’t represent either buyer or seller, as an attorney would.

Closing Attorneys are known by multiple names like Escrow agents and Real Estate attorneys. The Closing Attorney’s job is to ensure a smooth closing transaction, UCC-1 lien search, and wire closing proceeds to all parties.

Dallas Restaurant Broker Dominique Maddox says, “picking an experienced Closing Attorney that understands the Asset Sale Purchases is extremely important. Yes, you can close a deal without a Closing Attorney but EATS Broker always recommends a buyer to use a trusted Closing Attorney”.

Duties of a Closing Attorney
– Hold escrow deposit, and disburse closing proceeds to all parties
– Prepare Settlement Statement
– Prepare Bill of Sale
– UCC-1 lien Search
– Prepare Escrow Agreement
– Form of Restrictive Covenant Agreement-(sometimes)
– Prepare Representations and Warranties of Seller and Principal(s) (sometimes)

Closing Attorneys have to confirm that multiple tasks are completed before they will release escrow and send closing proceeds to all parties.

EATS Brokers provides a list of tasks that are completed or confirmed by an experienced Closing Attorney before closing:

Asset Purchase Agreement signed by all parties
All amendments are provided to Closing Attorney
Equipment List provided
Landlord’s Approval of Assignment or New Lease
Final inventory amount (if the purchase price is to be adjusted)
Prorations or Adjustments (if needed)
Franchise Agreement Approval
Wiring instructions for Franchise Transfer Fee
Wiring Instructions for Seller
Wiring Instructions for Broker
Allocation of Purchase Price-(8594 Form)-Asset Acquisition Statement
Buyer Funds-wired directly to the escrow account
Release of Liens or Payoff Letters
Lender’s Instructions (if third-party financing)

When selling a restaurant, EATS Broker always recommends contacting a closing attorney specializing in business transactions rather than residential transactions.

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