Preparing to Sell a Restaurant-What you Should Know

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The decision to sell a restaurant is the first step and figuring out how to sell a restaurant is the second step. When preparing to sell a restaurant, what should you know before starting the process?

Baby boomers at record numbers are planning to retire and want to sell a restaurant. The preparation to sell a restaurant can start a year in advance, but mostly it happens unplanned or forced to happen.

What makes a restaurant for sale listing attractive to buyers? EATS Broker explains the key factors that make restaurant for sale listings stand out from the crowd.

What makes an excellent restaurant for sale listing?

  1. Does the restaurant make a profit?– Profitable Restaurants have a greater chance of being sold than unprofitable restaurants. Only 20%-30% of restaurants listed for sale on are sold. Restaurants for sale that show a profit stick out from the crowd and make themselves attractive to buyers.
  2. Has an excellent Restaurant Story– Part of branding for a restaurant is being able to tell the restaurant’s story. The largest Franchise brands in the world make sure that people understand the company’s story.

The Dallas Restaurant Brokers says, “The restaurant’s story is vital to a company’s success. People relate to stories and remember stories. Independent-owned restaurants need to do a better job of telling the restaurant story. I suggest that any restaurant focus on the following points:


  • How did the restaurant get started?
  • Family-owned business?
  • Where did the recipes come from?
  • What makes the restaurant different than other restaurants?
  • How is the cooking method different?


  1. Can anybody operate? When selling a restaurant, it should be set up where anybody can handle the restaurant. Several Corporate America refugees are entering the restaurant industry, and most don’t have restaurant experience. How can you sell a restaurant to an individual that doesn’t have experience?
  • Create systems and templates
  • The restaurant should be easy to operate
  • If the restaurant is a Chef-driven concept, make sure to have a Sous chef and replacement chef for the next owner
  • Provide training to the new buyer

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