Buying an existing restaurant to convert to a new concept

Existing Restaurant for Sale

Buying an existing restaurant to convert to a new concept is an excellent way for a non-experienced restaurant owner and an experienced restaurateur to become a restaurant owner. The new buyers benefit from the hard work the current owner has experienced to build out the restaurant, open the restaurant, and maintain the restaurant.

An existing restaurant can be purchased to keep operating as the current concept or converted to a new one. The buyer who plans to convert an existing restaurant space to a new idea thinks about the deal differently than a buyer who keeps the concept the same.

Dallas Restaurant Broker Dominique Maddox says, “buying an existing restaurant for sale and converting to a new concept saves time to open the doors and money on the build-out cost.” It takes out some of the unknown cost that is usually associated with new restaurant openings”.

Restaurant Franchise Brands are buying Asset Sale Restaurants and converting the space to a new franchise opening for a fraction of the price of a completely new build-out.

Buying an existing restaurant doesn’t come with a checklist. EATS Broker Checklist provides a list of items to consider when purchasing an Existing Restaurant.

Converting Restaurant to New Concept: 10 THINGS TO CONSIDER

-Does the size of the kitchen work for your concept?

-What kitchen equipment currently installed will you use?

– Does the size of the grease trap work for your concept?

-Parking available for customers

-How long is the hood system?

-How much does new signage cost?

-How much will be painting the walls cost?

-Does the HVAC system work correctly?

-Can the new concept support the current lease and rent structure (rent should be only 4%-8% of total sales)

-Will the landlord approve the lease?

Items to have ready for the landlord to review:

Business Plan with three years forecast- Tell your Restaurant Story and why your new concept will succeed.

Personal Financial Statement

Copy of Menu-

Resume or Bio-explain how our past work experience will help you in the new role.

Proof of liquid assets-Bank Statement, 401K statement, or letter from your bank

Copy of Personal Tax Returns

Restaurant buyers that want to buy a restaurant and convert an existing restaurant to a new concept can see that a restaurant space has potential but needs the right idea!

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