Why are Asset Sale Restaurants HOT right now

Asset Sale Restaurant for Sale.

Asset Sale Restaurants are HOT right now because several restaurant owners that need to sell were not profitable in 2022. What is an Asset Sale when it comes to selling a restaurant? An Asset Sale is a restaurant that is not profitable or makes minimal profits.

An Asset Sale is priced for its Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E). Restaurant owners can expect a listing price of 20%-30% of the original cost. Restaurant owners are shocked when they discover that the walk-in cooler, hood system, and other fixtures are not included on their equipment list. Fixtures belong to the landlord and are not sold to the new buyer.

Usually, an Asset Sale will return Restaurant owners only pennies on the dollar of their original investment. Asset Sales prices typically range from $50,000-$300,000 or more. Restaurants with significant leasehold improvement or a good location are easier to sell.

Texas Restaurant Broker Dominique Maddox says, “An Asset Sale is an excellent opportunity for a new buyer to save money on opening a new restaurant. Franchise brands have started looking for second-generation restaurants and Asset Sale restaurants to save money on the build-out cost of opening a location.

Asset Sale Restaurants for sale are piling up on the market, and buyers have a number to sort through to find the right opportunity. When selling a restaurant that is an Asset Sale, the Restaurant Broker must tell the correct “Restaurant Story” to the potential buyer.

What are the WINS for the Restaurant Owner that sells a restaurant that is an Asset Sale

Selling a restaurant that is not profitable

-Have a chance to get off the lease as the Personal Guarantor sooner than the signed lease expires

-Receive a fraction of the original investment

-No longer have to work in the restaurant

-No longer have to stress about restaurant operations

-No longer have to worry about paying the Restaurant Bills

-No longer have to stress about employee/labor issues

Restaurant Owners, when selling a restaurant as an Asset Sale, you probably will not get the sale price you want. Buyers like buying a profitable restaurant for sale that have solid books and records over an Asset Sale.

The buyer who purchases an Asset Sale is taking a risk if they continue operating the restaurant with the same concept. They will want a discount on the price to take that risk.

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