5 Benefits of Buying an Existing Restaurant

Buying an Existing Restaurant

The 5 Benefits of Buying an Existing Restaurant have many positive attributes. The current restaurant owner has built a proven business model, established a client base, and gone through the headaches of the initial building-out phase of the restaurant space.

The harsh reality of the restaurant industry is that 60% of restaurants will close their doors in three years. How to improve your chances for long-term success, the Restaurant Broker suggests not going broke on the build-out.

Buyers can learn a lot from the successes and failures of the current restaurant owner. Buyers can ask questions about the restaurant industry without going thru the growing pains.

Dallas Restaurant Broker Dominique Maddox says, “Buying an Existing Restaurant is a cheat sheet to success. The Restaurant Owner provides sales data, vendor relationships, landlord relationships, and stories of success and failures”.

EATS Broker provides a list of benefits of Buying an Existing Restaurant:

  1. Employees: An operating restaurant will have trained employees, including cooks. Employees will usually transfer will the sale of the restaurant.
  2. Customers: Established Customer base that is familiar with the concept
  3. Cash Flow: Restaurants with a positive cash flow provide a paycheck for the buyer.
  4. Time to open: Some buyers want to buy an existing restaurant to convert to a new concept.
  5. Vendor Relationships: The restaurant owner will provide a list of current vendors. Buyers can decide to use the same vendors or find an alternative.

Buying an existing restaurant eliminates some of the build-out time, stress and anxiety that come along with the process.

EXTRA Benefit 

Bank Lending: A bank will be more willing to lend to a buyer purchasing an existing restaurant than a start-up restaurant concept.


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