How to Get a Restaurant Ready to Sell

How to sell a restaurant

The art of getting a restaurant ready to sell really starts with planning and preparation. Restaurant owners planning to sell a restaurant in 2022, should be in the process of collecting and organizing important supporting documents now.   The New Years is a great time for restaurant owners that are considering selling a restaurant to […]

Steps for first-time restaurant buyer

Restaurant Broker

What are the Steps for first-time restaurant buyers? This question EATS Broker gets multiple times weekly for buyers inquiring about restaurants for sale. Many interested buyers looking at restaurants for sale opportunities will be first-time restaurant buyers. Many buyers are shocked about the difference between buying a home compared to buying a restaurant. The buying […]

What is a Cloud Kitchen? What should you know?

Restaurant Broker

A cloud kitchen is a commercial kitchen, sometimes called a “ghost kitchen,” used for delivery-only or pick-up restaurants. New restauranteurs and current restaurant owners are expanding menu offerings and increasing delivery orders by opening cloud kitchens. The popularity of ghost kitchens has increased over the years. Today consumers ordering food online might be shocked to […]

Exit Planning for Restaurant Owners

Exit planning for restaurant owners.

Exit planning for restaurant owners is a process that should start before a restaurant has opened. The harsh reality of restaurant ownership is 80% close within five years. If you are going into the restaurant industry knowing that it will be time to exit within five years, why not plan in advance? EATS Restaurant Brokers […]

Pros and Cons for a Restaurant Asset Sale

The Pros and Cons of buying or selling a restaurant as an Asset Sale can be a Win-Win situation for both parties. In an asset sale, the seller retains possession of the legal business entity name and stocks, and the buyer only purchases the company’s assets. The assets include equipment, leasehold improvements, Goodwill, trade secrets, […]

Restaurant Broker- What I like about the business

Restaurant Broker what I like about the business is a blog written from my viewpoint after being a successful Restaurant Resale Specialist for almost ten years. I’m currently the Founder and President of EATS Broker, a brokerage firm specializing in selling Franchise Resales, independently owned restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. The problematic fact about being a […]

EATS Broker expands to Dallas, Texas

EATS Restaurant Brokers is growing and has expanded its headquarters to Dallas, Texas. One of the nation’s specialized Business Brokerage firms, EATS Restaurant Brokers, has obtained a Real Estate Broker License in Texas and now are Restaurant Brokers in Dallas, TX. Dominique Maddox worked with one of the nation’s largest Restaurant Brokerage Firms for seven […]

Restaurant Sellers vs. Restaurant Buyers-Different Mindsets

Restaurant Sellers vs. Restaurant Buyers have different mindsets when it involves buying or selling a restaurant. When a restaurant owner decides to sell a restaurant, the primary goals are to get the highest sales price, highest net proceeds, remove the lease as a guarantor, and close quickly. A restaurant buyer’s focus differs slightly from the […]

Commercial Lease Assignment: What should you know?

What should you know about a Commercial Lease Assignment before signing the lease? The lease assignment can be short and brief, but it has a tremendous impact on the capability of a restaurant owner selling a restaurant in the future. When buying or selling a restaurant, it is essential to evaluate the strength or weakness […]