How to sell a restaurant? Tell your Restaurant Story

Dallas Restaurant Broker

To sell a restaurant, one must first tell  “The Restaurant Story” to the buyer that they believe and want to be a part of the story moving forward. Restaurant buyers want to know the story of the Restaurant and the owner. The “Restaurant Story” explains why, how, and opportunities for continued success to the buyer.

Most restaurant buyers will purchase a restaurant based on the opportunity to make a profit and the Restaurant Story. The most complex restaurants to sell are locations that are losing money or buyers don’t can’t relate to “The Restaurant Story.”

Dallas Restaurant Broker Dominique Maddox says, “The Restaurant Story is an opportunity to help buyers view themselves as part of the story. An experienced Restaurant Broker will explain the Restaurant’s financial, staffing, liabilities, food cost, and startup story to interested buyers”.

EATS Broker “Restaurant Story” Kit Includes:

–         Restaurant’s startup story explains:

  1. Why was the Restaurant started?
  2. How was the Restaurant started?
  3. Who began the Restaurant?
  4. Success stories
  5. Failure stories-includes opportunities to improve business

–         Financial Picture– Restaurant Profitable or not

–         Liability Picture– Lease terms, franchise terms, UCC lien search, and financing liabilities

–         Staff Concerns

  1. Labor Cost and why?
  2. Full-time vs. part-time?
  3. Legal workers or paying under the table?
  4. Employee benefits and perks
  5. Longevity of staff members

–         Food Cost Concerns

  1. Food Inventory Cost and why?
  2. Food ordering system


Franchise Restaurants

– Royalty Fee and Marketing Fee

– Transfer Fee

– Required Training Time

– Store upgrades required by Franchisor

– Franchise has first right of refusal to buy (sometimes)

– Training location

– Years left of Franchise Agreement


Before a Restaurant Owner contacts a Restaurant Resale Specialist for a restaurant valuation or tries to sell by themselves, they should be ready to tell their Restaurant Story!

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