3 Mistakes to Avoid in Selling Your Restaurant

Dallas Restaurant Broker

Selling a restaurant can be a complicated process. What are the mistakes to avoid when selling your restaurant? The Restaurant Broker at EATS Broker has been selling restaurants for over ten years. This blog will provide insights for restaurant owners thinking about selling a restaurant.

Mistake #1 Listing your restaurant for sale too late

Ask the Dallas Restaurant Broker when it is time to list your restaurant for sale. The response will be when you start to think about it. It takes an average of 6-8 months to sell a restaurant in today’s market. Even once listing a restaurant for sale, it’s a process to get sold.

It’s human nature that once a person has decided the restaurant industry demands are not for them, the restaurant becomes a mental and physical burden. When people decide they are tired, bills are hard to pay, and mentally checking out, it’s time to sell a restaurant.

Restaurant Broker advice:  Call a Restaurant Resale Specialist for a complimentary restaurant valuation. Discuss your options to list your restaurant for sale before deciding to close the doors to your restaurant forever.

Mistake #2 – Going to market without Good Books and Records

It’s a common saying, “time kills deals.” Once a buyer is interested in a restaurant for sale, it’s essential to provide the buyer with accurate financials. When a seller goes to market without the ability to give a buyer up-to-date tax returns and profit and loss statements, it always kills a deal.

Restaurant Owners that decide to list a restaurant for sale without the capability of providing financials in a timely matter are making a big mistake. The buyer will request some financials before making an offer and more during the due diligence.

Mistake #3 – Closing the doors

Buyers like to see the lights on, customers coming in the doors, and the cash register ringing. One of the biggest mistakes is to get a restaurant valuation and list your restaurant sale, only to close the doors months later.

Once a restaurant is closed reduces the value in the buyer’s mind. Instead of getting a turn-key restaurant, they are getting used equipment and rights to the lease. These types of transactions are harder to sell. 41% of buyers will be 1st-time restaurant buyers and favor an open restaurant.

Restaurant Broker advice: 

List your restaurant for sale months before you decide to close the doors. Contact a Restaurant Resale Specialist to discuss the value before deciding to close your restaurant.

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