Thinking about selling a restaurant in 2023

Selling a restaurant

It’s the time of the year when restaurant owners are thinking about selling a restaurant in 2023. It’s been a challenging year with increased labor costs, supply chain issues, food price inflation, and a lack of government financial assistance. At the end of the year, some Restaurant owners must sacrifice time spent with their loved […]

Why use a Restaurant Broker? When selling a restaurant.

Restaurant Broker

Why use a Restaurant Broker when selling a restaurant is a good question. Could you save on a commission and market your restaurant For Sale by Owner? Yes, but the reality about selling a restaurant is that only about 30%-40% of restaurants listed for sale will sell, and only about 2%-5% of the buyers looking […]

Bring your own bottle (BYOB). Is it good for restaurants?

Restaurant Broker in Dallas

Bring your own bottle (BYOB) policy can be good for restaurants, but it also has some significant downsides. If a restaurant has a BYOB policy, customers are allowed to bring their alcoholic beverage of choice to the restaurant. Strict licensing requirements and high taxes on alcohol sales have made the idea of restaurant owners to […]

What are the Hardest Restaurants to Sell?

Restaurant Broker in Dallas

The Hardest Restaurants to Sell have several issues that make it difficult to sell a restaurant. The grim reality is that only 30%-40% of restaurants listed for sale will be sold to a new buyer. Why do some restaurants sell, and others don’t? We’ve seen it all, but these two concepts we will focus on […]

Restaurant Broker Dominique Maddox of EATS Broker sells Lenny’s Subs & Grill

Texas Restaurant Broker

Restaurant Broker Dominique Maddox of EATS Broker sells Lenny’s Subs & Grill in Humble, Texas. EATS Broker represented the seller and buyer for this transaction. The seller had owned the location for 16 years before deciding to sell and retire. The new buyers are excited about the opportunity to own a restaurant in the United […]

3 Mistakes to Avoid in Selling Your Restaurant

Dallas Restaurant Broker

Selling a restaurant can be a complicated process. What are the mistakes to avoid when selling your restaurant? The Restaurant Broker at EATS Broker has been selling restaurants for over ten years. This blog will provide insights for restaurant owners thinking about selling a restaurant. Mistake #1 Listing your restaurant for sale too late Ask […]

How to sell a restaurant? Tell your Restaurant Story

Dallas Restaurant Broker

To sell a restaurant, one must first tell  “The Restaurant Story” to the buyer that they believe and want to be a part of the story moving forward. Restaurant buyers want to know the story of the Restaurant and the owner. The “Restaurant Story” explains why, how, and opportunities for continued success to the buyer. […]

Are you selling your restaurant? Are you ready?

Business Broker for Restaurant

Have you thought about selling your restaurant? Are you ready to sell and let go? Selling a restaurant can be a mentally tough and draining decision. Several restaurant owners view ownership of a restaurant as having a child, an business identity, a way to provide for the family, and a legacy. According to Forbes, baby […]

Closing Attorneys for Restaurant Sales Transactions

Restaurant Business

Closing Attorneys for restaurant sales transactions are an essential part of the selling a restaurant process. Closing Attorneys act as neutral third parties in the transaction. Since they don’t represent either buyer or seller, as an attorney would. Closing Attorneys are known by multiple names like Escrow agents and Real Estate attorneys. The Closing Attorney’s […]