Thinking about selling a restaurant in 2023

Selling a restaurant

It’s the time of the year when restaurant owners are thinking about selling a restaurant in 2023. It’s been a challenging year with increased labor costs, supply chain issues, food price inflation, and a lack of government financial assistance. At the end of the year, some Restaurant owners must sacrifice time spent with their loved […]

When to sell a restaurant? 8 reasons why that start with D!

Texas Restaurant Broker

When to sell a restaurant is a difficult decision for most restaurant owners. Interesting fact that the reason a restaurant owner wants to sell a restaurant usually will start with the letter D! Buyers are always curious about why a restaurant owner wants to sell a restaurant?   The Dallas Restaurant Broker at EATS Broker […]

Closing Attorneys for Restaurant Sales Transactions

Restaurant Business

Closing Attorneys for restaurant sales transactions are an essential part of the selling a restaurant process. Closing Attorneys act as neutral third parties in the transaction. Since they don’t represent either buyer or seller, as an attorney would. Closing Attorneys are known by multiple names like Escrow agents and Real Estate attorneys. The Closing Attorney’s […]

Preparing to Sell a Restaurant-What you Should Know

Restaurant Texas

The decision to sell a restaurant is the first step and figuring out how to sell a restaurant is the second step. When preparing to sell a restaurant, what should you know before starting the process? Baby boomers at record numbers are planning to retire and want to sell a restaurant. The preparation to sell […]

4 Tips – How to Sell a Restaurant

Selling a Restaurant Business

How to Sell a Restaurant and get the highest and best offer can be challenging. Restaurant owners can help themselves sell a restaurant by checking their “restaurant paperwork” details before listing it for sale! When selling a restaurant, the real work starts before the restaurant has been listed for sale. An experienced restaurant owner should […]

Dominique Maddox featured in Voyage Dallas Magazine

Restaurant Brokers

In the February issue, the founder and President of EATS Broker Dominique Maddox was featured in VoyageDallas magazine Local Stories. This is Dominique’s second time being featured in the Voyage magazine; he was featured in VoyageAtlanta in 2020. Voyage Dallas magazine’s goal is to highlight the best of Dallas people, businesses, organizations, and events. The […]

Step by Step Process to Buy a Restaurant Franchise

Restaurant Broker

The Step by Step process to buy a restaurant franchise for sale can be a complex process with multiple guidelines, requirements, and documentation to read.  Did you know the top restaurant brands have a Checklist that potential franchisees have to complete before they can purchase a Franchise Restaurant Resale? The Restaurant Resale Specialist at EATS […]

How to Get a Restaurant Ready to Sell

How to sell a restaurant

The art of getting a restaurant ready to sell really starts with planning and preparation. Restaurant owners planning to sell a restaurant in 2022, should be in the process of collecting and organizing important supporting documents now.   The New Years is a great time for restaurant owners that are considering selling a restaurant to […]

Restaurant Resales are HOT right now

Restaurant Resales are HOT regarding buyer’s demand as restaurant sale prices jump 34% in 2021 compared to 2020. BizBuySell’s Insight Report just released its report for Quarter 2 of 2021. Restaurant resale numbers are showing very promising growth and buyer interest. Restaurant resales headline growth as the buyer market seeks reopening opportunities. Now with restrictions […]