When it’s time to sell a restaurant, do you have an Exit Strategy?

Restaurant Valuation

When it’s time to sell a restaurant, most restaurant owners don’t have an exit strategy. Some Restaurant Owners think they can sell their Restaurant anytime, like a residential property. The hard fact is that only about 20%-30% of restaurants listed on the market will sell.

Restaurant owners with a plan when it’s time to exit, are usually more successful than those without. An exit strategy consists of clean books and records, updated-looking restaurants, understanding the lease, and knowing the status of the PPP loan, Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL), an SBA loan.

Dallas, Texas, Restaurant Broker Dominique Maddox says, “The lack of exit strategy planning for restaurant owners is common. Most restaurant owners plan to sell a restaurant once an unexpected event triggers them”.

When it’s time to sell a restaurant: Two essential factors to consider: 

Do you have an SBA loan, and your restaurant sale proceeds will not cover the balance? 

Restaurant Broker advice: Contact your SBA lender to let them know you are selling your Restaurant. Find out your options if the sale proceeds will not cover your loan balance. The lenders usually agree to drop the lien on the assets when the Restaurant is sold to a buyer.

The remaining balance Restaurant owner would have to pay back like a personal loan and would be a personal guarantor on the remaining balance.


Balance owed $200,000.

Sell the Restaurant for $125,000 and receive $112,500 after Broker’s Commission.

Personal Guarantor for $200,000 – $112,500 = $87,500

Do you have an Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL)?

The EIDL loan cannot be forgiven, and the payments usually begin 30 months after the disbursement date. Even if the Restaurant closes, the lender can claim and sell your personal assets. The lender can claim the assets of any individual that signed the loan documentation as a personal guarantor.

 Restaurant Broker advice: Know the balance of your EIDL loan. Contact an experienced Restaurant Broker for a complimentary restaurant valuation. Knowing the restaurant valuation will help the restaurant owner understand the potential value of the Restaurant and if it makes sense to try to sell the Restaurant.

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