What is a Restaurant Broker?

What is a restaurant broker?

People ask me all the time What is a Restaurant Broker? Restaurant Brokers are specialists trained to facilitate a restaurant transaction between sellers and buyers. On a daily basis Restaurant Brokers are working with professionals in the Restaurant Industry. Some Restaurant Brokers know the financials of a business better than the restaurant owners due to years of daily experience reviewing restaurant financial statements.

Unlike some brokers that sell everything from a dry cleaner, gas station, to an automobile shop, Restaurant Business Brokers deal exclusively with the restaurant industry.

Some of the beneficial services Restaurant Business Brokers offer buyers and sellers during the sales process include:

Buyer Benefits

Restaurant Brokers work on 100% commission and take their fee as commission out of the price agreed upon by seller and buyer. Broker and seller have a separate commission agreement signed. This means the benefit of the broker’s experience and knowledge without personal cost.

Restaurant Brokers help the buyer client with analyzing the seller’s financials, collects sales tax filings, tax returns, leases, equipment list, utility providers, and does an introduction to the landlord for lease assignment.

– Every restaurant broker has a network of local vendors a buyer may need during the purchase process. These professional relationships were built over the years and help the buyer with a stress-free closing.

Seller Benefits

– A Restaurant Broker is a skilled professional who provides a restaurant price valuation based on the financials provided by the sellers. Restaurant Brokers know the guidelines for qualifying business for bank lending to help sellers get the most for the business.

– A Restaurant Broker is skilled in negotiation and document handling. Restaurant negotiations are complex, a Restaurant Business Broker can negotiate an agreement that works for everyone.

Selling a restaurant can be a process that takes 6-9 months, the whole time a Restaurant Broker is screening buyers, pre-qualifying buyers, answering questions about your business to buyers, and marketing your business.

-Most importantly a Restaurant Broker only gets paid at the closing table when the business is sold. The commission ranges from 10%-15%, but the broker puts up all the money to market the business, spends the time with buyers, and only gets paid once the deal is closed. For the seller, this is professional representation without putting upfront fees!

A Restaurant Broker is a professional that can help you buy a restaurant, sell a restaurant, or lease a restaurant at a price you can afford.

EATS Broker is a full-service Real Estate Business brokerage practice focused on the restaurant industry. The company specializes in selling Restaurant Franchise Resales and Restaurant Sales. We also help clients with Restaurant real estate site selection, Tenant Representation, Franchise Consulting, and Business Price Evaluation.


For more information on the restaurant market and other available consulting services or restaurant valuations, contact Restaurant Business Broker Dominique Maddox at 404-993-4448 or by email at [email protected]. Visit our website at www.EATSbroker.com