Thinking about selling a restaurant

Thinking about selling a restaurant

When restaurant owners are thinking about selling a restaurant, it’s essential to approach the process thoughtfully and strategically. Every Restaurant owner has a different story about why they want to sell a restaurant, but some things are expected. The restaurant business broker at EATS Broker provides steps to consider when thinking about selling your restaurant: […]

EATS Broker attends Black Franchise Symposium and Trade Show in Dallas, Texas

Restaurant Broker at EATS Broker.

The President and Founder of EATS Broker Dominique Maddox attended the September African American Franchise Symposium and Trade show in Dallas, Texas. The event made history as the FIRST-EVER Black Franchise Symposium and Trade Show in the United States! The event was held at Yum! Corporate Campus located in Plano, Texas. The Symposium was filled […]

EATS Broker sells Bobby V’s in Arlington, Texas

Bobby V's sold

Dominique Maddox of EATS Broker sells Bobby V’s Sports Gallery Café located at 4301 S Bowen Rd, Arlington, TX 76016. EATS Broker represented the seller in the transaction. Bobby V’s is one of the oldest sports bars in Arlington, TX, established in 1985 by former Texas Rangers head coach Bobby Valentine. Bobby V’s is a […]

Selling your Restaurant: What should you know?

Sell a restaurant

Are you selling your restaurant in today’s market? What should you know about selling a restaurant before you start? The Restaurant resale market is much different from the housing resale market. Only 2%-5% of Restaurant Buyers inquiring about restaurants for sale will purchase a restaurant. Dominique Maddox of EATS Broker thinks restaurant owners are shocked […]

How to Grade a Restaurant for Sale

Restaurant for Sale

How to grade a restaurant for sale is a good question for a restaurant owner. Since Pre-K, most have been taught to judge performance by our grades. Office Buildings in Commercial Real Estate are placed in one of three categories: class A, class B, or Class C. A building rating is a national benchmark. Each […]

When it’s time to sell a restaurant, do you have an Exit Strategy?

Restaurant Valuation

When it’s time to sell a restaurant, most restaurant owners don’t have an exit strategy. Some Restaurant Owners think they can sell their Restaurant anytime, like a residential property. The hard fact is that only about 20%-30% of restaurants listed on the market will sell. Restaurant owners with a plan when it’s time to exit, […]

10 Ten Interesting Facts about the Restaurant Industry

It’s easy to find interesting facts about the Restaurant Industry. The National Restaurant Association publishes a Restaurant Owner Demographics Data Brief every year. After reading the March 2022 Data Brief, the Restaurant Broker at EATS Broker picked ten interesting facts. Hawaii (64%), Texas (59%), California (58%), Georgia (55%), Maryland (54%), and the District of Columbia […]

4 Worst Decisions when selling a Restaurant

Do you plan to sell a restaurant? What are the worst decisions when selling a restaurant? EATS Broker will provide an inside look at why some restaurant sellers can be disappointed when it’s time to sell a restaurant. Did you know only 20%-30% of the restaurants listed on the market will sell to a new […]

Time to sell your restaurant? How to defend your listing price


When it’s time to sell your Restaurant, how do you plan to defend your listing price? This question is excellent for anyone considering hiring a Restaurant Broker or For Sale by Owner. It’s easy to think of a random number, list a restaurant for sale, and answer buyer inquiries. Selling a restaurant is like fishing; […]