What is Restaurant Prime Cost?

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Restaurant Prime Cost can be described as the most critical number a restaurant owner should know to operate a profitable restaurant. Restaurant Prime cost should get extensive attention on the profit and loss statement because the category is highly volatile. Today’s restaurant industry is faced with increasing labor wages and an explosion in food costs. […]

How can I sell my restaurant fast?

How can I sell my restaurant fast?

Every restaurant owner wants to know, how can I sell my restaurant fast? The art of selling a restaurant is different than selling a residential home. The element they have in common is both a restaurant and a home need preparation before hitting the market for sale. When selling a home, you can usually expect […]

What is a Restaurant Broker?

What is a restaurant broker?

People ask me all the time What is a Restaurant Broker? Restaurant Brokers are specialists trained to facilitate a restaurant transaction between sellers and buyers. On a daily basis Restaurant Brokers are working with professionals in the Restaurant Industry. Some Restaurant Brokers know the financials of a business better than the restaurant owners due to […]