Why do I need to show proof of funds

Did you know the statement “proof of funds” is not in the Merriam Webster dictionary? This information is interesting because the words, “proof of funds” are used daily in the Business Brokerage world. Proof of Funds (POF) demonstrates how much money a person or entity has available in liquid assets. When purchasing a restaurant, you […]

3 Types of Buyers after Covid-19

EATS Broker talks to 3 Types of Buyers after the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak about buying a restaurant. The conversations we had before Covid-19 were much different than the conversations now. Today’s conversations come with a collection of unknown factors. Today’s market is buzzing with a large number of buyers and sellers entering the market.  Some […]

Dominique Maddox of the EATS Broker Leases Fayetteville Space

Dominique Maddox of the EATS Broker leases vacant space. Mr. Everything Café will be opening  in Banks Crossing Shopping Center in Fayetteville, GA. EATS Broker represented the franchisee during the transaction. Mr. Everything Cafe has been serving great food since 1993, starting in the West End Atlanta Community. Mr. Everything Cafe has received national recognition […]