Dominique Maddox of the EATS Broker Leases Fayetteville Space

Dominique Maddox of the EATS Broker leases vacant space. Mr. Everything Café will be opening  in Banks Crossing Shopping Center in Fayetteville, GA. EATS Broker represented the franchisee during the transaction.

Mr. Everything Cafe has been serving great food since 1993, starting in the West End Atlanta Community. Mr. Everything Cafe has received national recognition with its recent appearance on the Today Show on 11/26/2019 featuring small businesses around the nation. Mr. Everything Café was chosen over thousands of restaurants to be featured on the show.

Mr. Everything is an innovative yet simple concept that focuses on Healthy Choice Rice dishes, subs and sandwiches, and low carb salads.

Dominique Maddox Founder and President of EATS Broker says, “this was a very difficult deal because we started negotiating before Covid-19 pandemic. The national shutdown delayed the closing and the landlord required various supporting financial documentation.  Dominique believes tenants asking for Tenant Improvement (TI) for leases will be required to put much more money down as a security deposit than in the past.

The new Mr. Everything Café franchisee has worked in the Healthcare Industry for the past 15 years. She decided Fayetteville was the ideal city to open a Mr. Everything Café because Fayetteville ranks high in Most Diverse Suburbs in Georgia,  and Most Diverse Places to Live in Georgia. This population mix has been the foundation of the success of Mr. Everything Café.

Mr. Everything has beginning franchising its brand. They currently have the 1st franchise location opened in Greenbriar Mall, 2nd location is located in Decatur, Fayetteville will be the 3rd franchise. Overall the franchise has 5 operating restaurants. Location should be open by September 2020.

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