Pros and Cons for a Restaurant Asset Sale

The Pros and Cons of buying or selling a restaurant as an Asset Sale can be a Win-Win situation for both parties. In an asset sale, the seller retains possession of the legal business entity name and stocks, and the buyer only purchases the company’s assets. The assets include equipment, leasehold improvements, Goodwill, trade secrets, […]

Restaurant Sellers vs. Restaurant Buyers-Different Mindsets

Restaurant Sellers vs. Restaurant Buyers have different mindsets when it involves buying or selling a restaurant. When a restaurant owner decides to sell a restaurant, the primary goals are to get the highest sales price, highest net proceeds, remove the lease as a guarantor, and close quickly. A restaurant buyer’s focus differs slightly from the […]

Commercial Lease Assignment: What should you know?

What should you know about a Commercial Lease Assignment before signing the lease? The lease assignment can be short and brief, but it has a tremendous impact on the capability of a restaurant owner selling a restaurant in the future. When buying or selling a restaurant, it is essential to evaluate the strength or weakness […]

Restaurant Seller and Buyer Meeting: Tips for Success

EATS Restaurant Brokers decided to create a Restaurant Seller and Buyer Meeting-Tips for Success checklist. The initial meeting between the buyer and a seller can dictate how the working relationship will be in the future. The goal of the initial meeting is to familiarize both Restaurant Seller and Restaurant Buyer, view the back of the […]

EATS Broker Checklist for Selling a Restaurant

Selling a restaurant when you have a checklist can make the process simplified and less stressful. When a restaurant owner wants to sell a restaurant, they mainly only consider gathering financial information. The process of selling a restaurant requires the restaurant owner to produce numerous documentation and information that can be hard to find. EATS […]

How to review a Restaurant Profit and Loss Statement

Understanding how to review a Restaurant Profit and Loss Statement is a crucial variable for a Restaurant Valuation to determine the restaurant’s actual value. Restaurants are one of the industries that the ratios on a profit and loss statement can give valuable clues on how a seller operates his/her restaurant. Unexperienced buyers will look straight […]

The Cares Act 2-How does it help Restaurants?

The Cares Act 2 has some generous provisions to help restaurants. EATS Broker wants to share some great news about the latest $900 billion coronavirus relief bill. The coronavirus relief bill extends and modifies several provisions first enacted in the CARES Act, Congress’s $2.2 trillion pandemic relief law passed in March 2020. Congress passed the […]

Best Cities in the US for Foodies-Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia is one of the Best Cities in the USA for Foodies. Atlanta is a food lover’s paradise with the diversity, history, and various geographical food hubs in metro Atlanta. Atlanta is one of the top 20 foodie cities in the United States, and for good reason. You can find any kind of food […]

Thinking about selling a restaurant?

What should you know today if you are thinking about selling a restaurant? The restaurant resale market has drastically changed from January 2020 to now. The Covid-19 pandemic has reset the restaurant market for available restaurant lease spaces, restaurant price valuations, and increased buyer’s negotiating power. Dominique Maddox a Restaurant Broker and Founder of EATS […]