Restaurant Seller and Buyer Meeting: Tips for Success

EATS Restaurant Brokers decided to create a Restaurant Seller and Buyer Meeting-Tips for Success checklist. The initial meeting between the buyer and a seller can dictate how the working relationship will be in the future.

The goal of the initial meeting is to familiarize both Restaurant Seller and Restaurant Buyer, view the back of the house, buyers get an opportunity to ask probing questions and review restaurant financials. The most straightforward deals are when the buyer and seller like and respect each other. When the personalities don’t mix, the restaurant closing process could be filled with turbulence.

Dominique Maddox of EATS Restaurant Brokers says, “ The best method to minimize differences in personalities is to keep the deal flow managed by a specialized trained Restaurant Broker. When Restaurant Sellers and Buyers communicate directly without a skilled Restaurant Broker, a deal can crumble quickly”.

EATS Restaurant Brokers 7 Tips for a Successful Seller and Buyer meeting.

  1. Buyer and seller should both have face masks on, even if social distancing is done.
  2. Walk around the restaurant to get the seller talking and to get the buyer more comfortable. Great way to break the ice between parties.
  3. We recommended starting with the back of the house (BOH) to show the kitchen area and cooking equipment. This task can range in time depending on the size of the restaurant and restaurant owner explaining items.
  4. Sit down for a meeting- This is a great time to introduce each party to start talking about why one party wants to sell and the buying party to explain the interest in buying.
  5. The sit-down meeting allows the buyer to ask questions about the restaurant operations, restaurant equipment, lease, employees, financials, and willingness to negotiate on price.
  6. Restaurant sellers should be prepared to explain the Cost of Goods (COGS), Labor, Sales, and potential to increase sales.
  7. Buyer should review financials before meeting with the seller. The buyer should come to the meeting with prepared questions to ask the seller.
  8. Follow-up questions after the meeting should be directed to Restaurant Broker to share with the seller.

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