10 Reasons for selling a restaurant

Reasons for selling a restaurant can differ from restaurant owner to owner. Everyone has a specific reason that they want to sell a restaurant. EATS Restaurant Brokers list of Top 10 reasons for selling a restaurant: Retirement– The baby boomers are ready to retire and enjoy the last chapter of their life in peace without […]

How to review a Restaurant Profit and Loss Statement

Understanding how to review a Restaurant Profit and Loss Statement is a crucial variable for a Restaurant Valuation to determine the restaurant’s actual value. Restaurants are one of the industries that the ratios on a profit and loss statement can give valuable clues on how a seller operates his/her restaurant. Unexperienced buyers will look straight […]

What is a Pocket Listing Agreement?

In the real estate industry in the United States, a pocket listing or hip pocket listing is a property where a broker holds a signed listing agreement (or contract) with the seller, whether that be an “Exclusive Right to Sell” or “Exclusive Agency” agreement or contract, but which is never advertised nor entered into a […]

3 Types of Buyers after Covid-19

EATS Broker talks to 3 Types of Buyers after the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak about buying a restaurant. The conversations we had before Covid-19 were much different than the conversations now. Today’s conversations come with a collection of unknown factors. Today’s market is buzzing with a large number of buyers and sellers entering the market.  Some […]