10 Reasons for selling a restaurant

Reasons for selling a restaurant can differ from restaurant owner to owner. Everyone has a specific reason that they want to sell a restaurant.

EATS Restaurant Brokers list of Top 10 reasons for selling a restaurant:

Retirement– The baby boomers are ready to retire and enjoy the last chapter of their life in peace without the stress of restaurant ownership. The Covid-19 pandemic and worker shortage have baby boomers listing restaurants for sale faster than in the past.

Failing Restaurant– 60% of restaurants will fail within three years after opening the doors. 80% will close the doors permanently within five years of opening up for business. Restaurant ownership is a rewarding but demanding business to survive in for multiple years.

Lack of Capital- The restaurant business is all about the numbers and ratios to total sales. Many restaurant owners have to use personal capital to keep a restaurant operating. Liquid capital can quickly disappear from bank accounts when it comes to restaurant ownership; money is one of the most significant driving factors for restaurant owners to sell a restaurant.

Burnout– The restaurant industry is a lifestyle that most people cannot handle over an extended time. Restaurant owners can be asked to work 10-12 hour shifts and always be on call for problems.

Divorce- Several restaurants for sale on the buyer market are due to parties getting divorced. 

Illness- To be successful in the restaurant industry, you need to stay healthy and active. The restaurant hospitality industry is for the strong mentally and physically and, individuals can endure long hours and stressful situations. Illness is a significant factor in the decision-making when it’s time to sell a restaurant.

Family – Time with the family or lack of time with the family is a big motivator to sell a restaurant. The kids grow up fast, the babies start walking before you know it, the time at night before bed with your soulmate means the world to most.

Bored-Depending on the type of restaurant owned, some restaurants have lots of downtown during non-peak hours. Restaurant owners whose sales are low and can’t attract customers can get bored with restaurant ownership.

Overwhelmed-Restaurant owners have to wear multiple hats when owning a restaurant. One minute they can be ordering inventory, next minute dealing with a busted leak in the ceiling, POS machine not working, and workers are calling out for work. Juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities can be overwhelming to even an experienced restauranteur.

Stress- The restaurant industry is notorious for sending people to the hospital. The stress related to the long hours, the bills adding up, labor work shortage, can lead to health-related stress issues for many individuals.

Additional Issues outside of Top 10 list:

All equity tied up in restaurant assets

The restaurant business is too risky

Want to focus on other business or core business

Outside factors (political/economic)

To raise capital/funds for another business

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