Restaurant Broker- What I like about the business

Restaurant Broker what I like about the business is a blog written from my viewpoint after being a successful Restaurant Resale Specialist for almost ten years.

I’m currently the Founder and President of EATS Broker, a brokerage firm specializing in selling Franchise Resales, independently owned restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

The problematic fact about being a Restaurant Resale Specialist is that the average time to sell a restaurant is 6-8 months. The harsh reality is that only about 20%-30% of all restaurants listed for sale will actually sell to a new buyer. Most locations will be closed and returned back to the landlord.

The average survival time for a Restaurant Broker working full-time as a Restaurant Resale Specialist is less than 2 years.

You might be asking yourself, what do I like about the business if everything is negative?

My career as a Restaurant Broker started in 2010; I was told during the interview that it would take 6-8 months before I received a commission. I was broke at the time, but I believed in myself, and I was interested in becoming a franchise resale specialist.

Fast forward to October 2021, and EATS Broker is based out of Dallas, Texas. Our company sells restaurants in over 15 states. We hold a Brokers Real Estate License in Texas and Georgia.

EATS Restaurant Brokers and, only established in 2019, have quickly become a popular resource as a franchise resale specialist and restaurant broker nationwide.

What do I like about the business as a Restaurant Broker? 

  1. Affect Peoples Lives– People usually want to sell a restaurant because of personal reasons. When a restaurant owner can sell a restaurant, their personal life is generally affected positively.

The restaurant owner’s life can be draining on an individual’s personal life. Sometimes selling a restaurant will help multiple personal issues, but it can’t solve all problems.

On the buyer side, they have just realized the American Dream of business ownership. Buyers come into restaurant ownership with new energy and commitment to be successful. Buyers are fulfilling a life dream, buying for income, having a family recipe, and etc.

  1. Selling restaurants in multiple states– Every state requires a real estate license to sell real estate or real property but doesn’t for the sale of a business. Currently, 19 states require a Business Broker to hold a real estate license in the state to sell restaurants; most are located on the West Coast.

EATS Restaurant Brokers sells restaurants in Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Alabama.

  1. Eating at Various Restaurants– I’m a self-proclaimed Foodie, so I choose the right industry. Part of my job description is to try several different restaurants weekly. When I’m working with a client or trying to become a franchise resale specialist for a Franchisor, I like to experience the food.

This year I flew to Indianapolis, IN, to visit a client that owns a franchise restaurant and drove to Clark County, OH, to meet with another client and enjoyed some great BBQ.


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