Independent Owned Restaurants-How to Build Value?

As an Independent Owned Restaurant, how do you increase restaurant value for resale besides good food and environment? Independent Owned Restaurants for sale usually sell for less than Franchise Owned Restaurants.

Franchise Restaurants for sale provide a potential buyer with systems, training, and brand awareness to customers; these are non-tangible items that improve resale value.

The best time as a non-franchise restaurant to start thinking about organizing and operating your restaurant like a franchise is at the very beginning. Start thinking about training manuals, required training time for a position, social media presence, and misc.

60% of Independent owned restaurant operators will fail within three years of opening the doors for business. 80% will close within 5 years. The reality of opening a restaurant is you should always have an exit plan.

When it’s time to sell a restaurant, how does a non-franchise restaurant for sale increase its odds of selling a restaurant to a new buyer?

Dallas Restaurant Broker Dominique Maddox says, “ my suggestions to improve value are create a story behind the establishment, cook from scratch, have fantastic food, and create systems easy to follow.

After ten years of selling restaurants, I have found that non-franchise-owned restaurants for sale that are not unique and organized usually don’t sell.

EATS Restaurant Brokers provides TIPS to improve value! 

  1. Story behind establishment: Have a story behind your restaurant; people relate and remember stories. This is one of the best ways to build brand loyalty from customers. Make sure your customers can read your story by posting on the wall, website, cups, etc.

Has the restaurant been passed down from generation to generation? Did a unique passion project inspire the owner to start the restaurant? These are exciting stories that make a restaurant unique. Key take-away people remember stories!

  1. Create Systems: The POS system should be updated to record all valuable sales information. POS systems are useful tools to analyze to improve restaurant profitability.

Create Training Manual: A manual with all the training material needed for a new operator is a valuable tool. The manual should have the job descriptions for each position. The manual should describe the process and time requirements for new hires.

  1. Unique Food– Do you have a unique cooking style, use exciting ingredients, how is the presentation? Outstanding food and experience will always get customers talking about a restaurant. Word of mouth referrals is the best and cheapest way to grow your restaurant.

Create a unique style of cooking that customers have to visit your restaurant to enjoy. Besides the type of cooking is the taste of food. The best non-franchise restaurants cook from scratch.

Create a menu book that lists all of the cooking recipes, measurements required and cooking time.

The suggestions listed in this blog are intended to help an Independently owned restaurant owner sell a restaurant business in the future. These tips should help the restaurant operator stand out from the competition.


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