3 Challenges to Selling a Franchise Restaurant

Texas Restaurant Broker

Are you thinking about selling your franchise restaurant in 2023? This blog covers three Challenges to selling a franchise restaurant that every Franchisee will face.


We have finished the Holiday season, and now it’s time to get ready to start a new year with new challenges. Some of the most seasoned restauranteurs, managers, and employees exited the restaurant industry in 2022.


The challenges of labor inflation, labor shortage, food inflation, and burnout will have some franchise restaurant owners ready to sell in 2023. Selling a franchise restaurant has different challenges than selling an independently owned restaurant.


Dallas Restaurant Broker Dominique Maddox says, “most restaurant owners know what it takes to buy and open a franchise restaurant but don’t understand the challenges to exit. A Restaurant Resale Specialist understands the ins and outs of the franchise restaurant resale process.”  


I currently hold the Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) because I have always wanted to specialize in selling restaurant franchise resales”.


EATS Broker provides the 3 Challenges to Selling your Franchise Restaurant


1. Transfer Fee– Franchise Brands require a transfer free once the current Franchisee wants to resale their franchise. This fee can vary depending on the brand; they usually range from $5,000-$50,000 per location.


The buyer and seller will need to negotiate who pays the transfer fee. Eats Broker commonly sees the buyer paying the transfer fee, which covers a new buyer’s required training class/on-the-job training fee.


This transfer fee goes straight to the Franchisor and usually is non-negotiable. Franchisees can find out how much the transfer fee is by viewing the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).


2. Store upgrades– Franchise brands will have requirements for Franchisees to keep locations up to current brand standards and upgrades. These upgrades can include new signage, chairs, tables, Point-of-sale (POS) system upgrade, equipment, building improvements, and more.


Required upgrades can range depending on the Franchise Brand; EATS Broker has seen the costs range from $1,000-$100,000. The Franchise Brand will send a Business Consultant to evaluate the location and equipment.


The Franchisee will be presented with a checklist of items that need to be fixed, repaired, or upgraded before a resale transfer can occur. The Franchisee can try to negotiate to have the buyer responsible for store upgrades after closing.


3. Training Requirements- Franchise Restaurant Brands have training requirements for new franchisees to complete before the sale. The training requirement can range from one to ten weeks, and the buyers must attend training before resale is complete.


Attending training can be a challenge if the activity is done in a different state than the restaurant location. Buyers must pay for travel, food, and lodging during this time, and some franchise brands need two people to attend the training.


Franchise Restaurant owners should understand the challenges they will face when it’s time to resell a franchise restaurant. Operating a Franchise Restaurant and trying to resell a restaurant are two different assignments; we recommend contacting a Restaurant Broker for help.


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