3 Biggest Mistakes Restaurant Sellers Make

3 Biggest Mistakes Restaurant Sellers Make

The biggest mistakes restaurant sellers make are simple issues that can be addressed before a restaurant is listed for sale. The mistakes are based on facts, books, and records and lack of understanding of selling a restaurant.

Dallas Restaurant Broker Dominique Maddox says, “ the small details in the process to sell a restaurant make all the difference at the end. The lack of attention to the facts or books and records will make buyers not interested in buying the restaurant for sale.

The Restaurant Broker at EATS Broker listed out the Biggest Mistakes Restaurant Sellers Make:

  1. Leaving out the essential facts:

-Ownership of Furniture and Fixtures- what items are leased or owned by the landlord?

-UCC liens that can stop the sale of the restaurant and have to be paid before closing

-Filed tax returns that don’t match the profit and loss statements provided to Broker or buyer

-Restaurant upgrades that are required by Franchise( only applies to franchise restaurants)

-Behind on rent payments

  1. Clean Books and Records

-Sales Tax Filings don’t match Profit and Loss Statements

-Has two sets of books-provides different copy to IRS and provides the buyer with the accurate numbers

-Does not have a Profit and Loss statement to provide

-Slow to provide updated numbers

-Lack of clean books and records will not qualify for SBA bank lending

-Lack of transparency builds distrust in the buyer

  1. Not realistic about the selling a restaurant process

-Unlike residential sales, it can take 6-8 months to sell a restaurant

-Only 30%-40% of all restaurants for sale listings will actually sell to a new owner

– Everything is negotiable when it comes to price-need to be flexible

-Only 2% of buyers on the market looking for a restaurant for sale will buy; it can take multiple interested buyers before the actual buyer is found.

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