4 Tips for a Successful Restaurant Sale

Successful Restaurant for sale

EATS Broker provides 4 Tips for a Successful Restaurant Sale in 2024 to any restaurant owner considering selling a restaurant. Selling a restaurant can be challenging, with only 30%-40% of restaurants listed for sale selling. Selling a restaurant in 2024 comes down to careful planning and execution. The Restaurant Business Broker provides tips to ensure […]

What are the most demanding Restaurants to Sell

What are the most demanding Restaurants to Sell

The most demanding restaurants to sell fall into three categories. Chef-driven restaurants, BBQ restaurants, and unprofitable restaurants or new openings. All three types of restaurants present considerable challenges when it’s time to sell a restaurant. The cold hard fact is that only 30%-40% of restaurants listed for sale will sell to a new buyer. Some […]

Restaurant Sellers vs. Restaurant Buyers-Different Mindsets

Restaurant Sellers vs. Restaurant Buyers have different mindsets when it involves buying or selling a restaurant. When a restaurant owner decides to sell a restaurant, the primary goals are to get the highest sales price, highest net proceeds, remove the lease as a guarantor, and close quickly. A restaurant buyer’s focus differs slightly from the […]

Selling a Restaurant-Mistakes to Avoid

If you are selling a restaurant, there are mistakes to avoid that can become obstacles to reaching the closing table. To increase the odds of a restaurant for sale getting to the closing table, the Asset Sale Purchase agreement needs to be adequately prepared by a trained professional. The sales price is only the start […]

10 Reasons for selling a restaurant

Reasons for selling a restaurant can differ from restaurant owner to owner. Everyone has a specific reason that they want to sell a restaurant. EATS Restaurant Brokers list of Top 10 reasons for selling a restaurant: Retirement– The baby boomers are ready to retire and enjoy the last chapter of their life in peace without […]

Restaurant Seller and Buyer Meeting: Tips for Success

EATS Restaurant Brokers decided to create a Restaurant Seller and Buyer Meeting-Tips for Success checklist. The initial meeting between the buyer and a seller can dictate how the working relationship will be in the future. The goal of the initial meeting is to familiarize both Restaurant Seller and Restaurant Buyer, view the back of the […]

Selling a Restaurant: What Documentation is needed?

When selling a restaurant, what documentation is needed from the seller? The answer is simple it depends on what type of sales transaction. Trained Restaurant Brokers use two methods when providing a Restaurant Valuation to a seller. The most profitable and best way to sell a restaurant is based on past Profit and Loss Statements […]

3 Common Reasons Why New Restaurants Fail

Why new restaurants fail?

Have you ever noticed a new restaurant opening and the next thing you know the restaurant is closed? Every year, a countless number of brave entrepreneurs open restaurants with the idea in mind of being successful. Some individuals have restaurant experience, but a great majority of new restaurant owners don’t have experience. Working with some […]

How to Sell a Restaurant

How to sell a restaurant

Many restaurant owners get into the business thinking only about operating a restaurant but never an exit strategy to sell a restaurant. Getting out of the restaurant business can be a challenge for most sellers in today’s market. Operating a restaurant day-to-day operation is much different than operating the sales process for selling a restaurant. […]