Marquis Who’s Who Honors Dominique Maddox

Dominique Maddox of EATS Broker

Marquis Who’s Who Honors Dominique Maddox for Expertise in Restaurant Franchise Resales. Established in 1898, Marquis Who’s Who began publishing biographical data in 1899. The publication chronicles the lives of the most accomplished individuals from every professional field, including business, entertainment, politics, medicine, law, education, art, and religion—Marquis Who’s Who has been a valuable resource […]

What is EATS Broker

Restaurant Business Broker

When it comes to the question, ‘What is EATS Broker? ‘, the founder and President, Dominique Maddox, is best positioned to answer. With his extensive experience selling restaurants, including seven years with one of the nation’s largest restaurant brokerage firms, he is uniquely positioned to lead the Restaurant Brokerage. EATS Broker stands out as a […]

Why Restaurant Resales Fail-Restaurant Broker Thoughts

Restaurant Broker explains why Restaurant Resales fail.

This blog is the first time EATS Broker shares its thoughts about why Restaurant Resales fail in today’s market. Before restaurant owners open the doors and go through the excitement of opening a new restaurant, they should have an exit strategy. H.G. Parsa, an Associate professor of hospitality management at Ohio State University, conducted a […]

EATS Broker attends International Business Brokers Association Conference

Restaurant Business Broker

Dominique Maddox of EATS Broker attends the International Business Brokers Association conference at the Galt House in Louisville, Kentucky. The IBBA conference brings the top business brokers from around the nation together to foster professional growth, knowledge sharing, and the promotion of ethical practices worldwide. It is known as the Business Broker Event of the Year. This […]

EATS Broker sells Almost Home Taphouse in Little Elm, Texas

EATS Broker sells Almost Home Taphouse in Little Elm, Texas

Dominique Maddox of EATS Broker sells Almost Home Taphouse in Little Elm, Texas. EATS Broker was the Business Intermediary for the seller and buyer during the transaction.  EATS Broker received a 5-star Google review from the sellers: Dominique was easy to work with during the process. He always responded quickly to any questions and helped […]

Common Mistakes: Restaurant for Sale by Owner

Restaurant for Sale by Owner

Restaurant for Sale by Owner listings usually try selling a restaurant business without the assistance of a Restaurant Broker. Some restaurant owners decide to sell a restaurant on their own to save on the commission a restaurant business broker charges. The old saying is “knowledge is power,” and the art of selling a restaurant can […]

3 differences between Business vs Real Estate Brokerage

Most would agree when it’s time for you to buy a home you look for a real estate broker. When you are considering to sell or buy a business, with or without real estate attached, you look for a business broker or if you are selling or buying a restaurant find a Restaurant Broker. Both […]

3 Common Reasons Why New Restaurants Fail

Why new restaurants fail?

Have you ever noticed a new restaurant opening and the next thing you know the restaurant is closed? Every year, a countless number of brave entrepreneurs open restaurants with the idea in mind of being successful. Some individuals have restaurant experience, but a great majority of new restaurant owners don’t have experience. Working with some […]

4 Reasons Why Fast-Casual Restaurants are Growing

Reasons why Fast-Casual Restaurants are growing can be attributed to a number of factors. When you think of a Fast-Casual Restaurant what is the first thought that comes to your mind? Why are Fast-Casual Restaurants Growing? Most people have an idea but don’t know how a Fast-Casual Restaurant is defined. Ask a person to name […]