Selling a restaurant business 

Selling a restaurant business

What are the steps to the closing table when selling a restaurant business? Each restaurant resale transaction is different because the terms and participating professionals change. Selling a non-franchise restaurant is a different sales process than selling a franchise restaurant. Selling a restaurant with SBA lending involves many more steps than closing a cash deal […]

Common Mistakes: Restaurant for Sale by Owner

Restaurant for Sale by Owner

Restaurant for Sale by Owner listings usually try selling a restaurant business without the assistance of a Restaurant Broker. Some restaurant owners decide to sell a restaurant on their own to save on the commission a restaurant business broker charges. The old saying is “knowledge is power,” and the art of selling a restaurant can […]

Restaurant Industry effect on everyday life!

The Restaurant Industry has a profound and impacting effect on our everyday lives. Everyone has a story about a restaurant, it could be where they worked, 1st date, prom date, celebration dinner, or many other reasons. I believe I have one of the best careers in the world as a Restaurant Broker, I work with […]

3 Tips for Leasing a Restaurant Space– EATS Broker

Tips for leasing a restaurant.

3 Tips for Leasing a Restaurant Space Restaurant leases can be complex and involve negotiations on some very important details to a lease. In general, restaurant commercial leases are generally much longer than a typical residential lease. The restaurant tenant is making a much larger financial commitment. Regardless of whether you are an experienced restaurateur, […]

What is the best time to sell a restaurant?

Best time to sell a restaurant

Timing is defined as the choice, judgment, or control of when something should be done. Most Realtors would tell you the best time to sell a house at its highest price point would be May-August. What is the best time to sell a restaurant? EATS Broker would tell you January is the best time to […]

3 Common Reasons Why New Restaurants Fail

Why new restaurants fail?

Have you ever noticed a new restaurant opening and the next thing you know the restaurant is closed? Every year, a countless number of brave entrepreneurs open restaurants with the idea in mind of being successful. Some individuals have restaurant experience, but a great majority of new restaurant owners don’t have experience. Working with some […]

4 Reasons Why Fast-Casual Restaurants are Growing

Reasons why Fast-Casual Restaurants are growing can be attributed to a number of factors. When you think of a Fast-Casual Restaurant what is the first thought that comes to your mind? Why are Fast-Casual Restaurants Growing? Most people have an idea but don’t know how a Fast-Casual Restaurant is defined. Ask a person to name […]

Should I Sell my Restaurant?

Every Restaurant Owner has asked the question to themselves, “Should I Sell My Restaurant” at one time or another. It takes a certain person and mindset to want to own a restaurant, and an even smaller set of people have an exit strategy to sell a restaurant when the time is needed. Restaurant Ownership is […]