EATS Broker sells Gabriel’s in Santa FE, New Mexico

EATS Broker sells Gabriel's in Santa FE, New Mexico

Restaurant Broker Dominique Maddox of EATS Broker sells Gabriel’s located at 4 Banana Ln, Santa Fe, New Mexico. EATS Broker represented the seller and buyer in the transaction. The new buyers are excited about the opportunity. The buyers bring a wealth of knowledge coming from a restaurant background. They plan to keep the concept the […]

Selling a restaurant? What does the buyer pay for?

Selling a restaurant

When selling a restaurant, most sellers don’t know what the buyer pays for at the closing table besides the listing price. Outside of the listing price, several additional fees should be negotiated upfront between the buyer and restaurant seller. Restaurant Business Brokers are trained to know the typical components of the fees associated with selling […]

Buying an existing restaurant in 2024

Buying an existing restaurant

Buying an existing restaurant in 2024 can be a great way to start the year. Buying a restaurant already established and built out can be a cheat code to success. Franchise Restaurant concepts are searching for existing restaurant space to convert to new concepts to save money on the initial build-out cost. The Restaurant Broker […]

4 Tips for a Successful Restaurant Sale

Successful Restaurant for sale

EATS Broker provides 4 Tips for a Successful Restaurant Sale in 2024 to any restaurant owner considering selling a restaurant. Selling a restaurant can be challenging, with only 30%-40% of restaurants listed for sale selling. Selling a restaurant in 2024 comes down to careful planning and execution. The Restaurant Business Broker provides tips to ensure […]

3 Common Mistakes Restaurant Buyers Make

Mistakes Restaurant Buyers make

What are the Common mistakes restaurant buyers make when buying a restaurant? The answer is complicated but simple at the same time. There are several common mistakes that potential restaurant buyers should be aware of when deciding to buy a restaurant. The Restaurant Broker at EATS Broker provides some of the most common mistakes restaurant […]

Selling a Restaurant? Are you ready

Selling a restaurant

When selling a restaurant, owners can make several mistakes that impact the experience. Restaurant Business Brokers sell multiple restaurants a year, while most restaurant owners will only experience selling a restaurant once in their lifetime. Understanding the resale process of restaurants takes years of experience. When selling a restaurant, business owners should prepare mentally for […]

Thinking about selling a restaurant

Thinking about selling a restaurant

When restaurant owners are thinking about selling a restaurant, it’s essential to approach the process thoughtfully and strategically. Every Restaurant owner has a different story about why they want to sell a restaurant, but some things are expected. The restaurant business broker at EATS Broker provides steps to consider when thinking about selling your restaurant: […]

Selling your Restaurant: What should you know?

Sell a restaurant

Are you selling your restaurant in today’s market? What should you know about selling a restaurant before you start? The Restaurant resale market is much different from the housing resale market. Only 2%-5% of Restaurant Buyers inquiring about restaurants for sale will purchase a restaurant. Dominique Maddox of EATS Broker thinks restaurant owners are shocked […]

When it’s time to sell a restaurant, do you have an Exit Strategy?

Restaurant Valuation

When it’s time to sell a restaurant, most restaurant owners don’t have an exit strategy. Some Restaurant Owners think they can sell their Restaurant anytime, like a residential property. The hard fact is that only about 20%-30% of restaurants listed on the market will sell. Restaurant owners with a plan when it’s time to exit, […]