Bring your own bottle (BYOB). Is it good for restaurants?

Restaurant Broker in Dallas

Bring your own bottle (BYOB) policy can be good for restaurants, but it also has some significant downsides. If a restaurant has a BYOB policy, customers are allowed to bring their alcoholic beverage of choice to the restaurant. Strict licensing requirements and high taxes on alcohol sales have made the idea of restaurant owners to […]

EATS Broker Checklist for Selling a Restaurant

Selling a restaurant when you have a checklist can make the process simplified and less stressful. When a restaurant owner wants to sell a restaurant, they mainly only consider gathering financial information. The process of selling a restaurant requires the restaurant owner to produce numerous documentation and information that can be hard to find. EATS […]

Day in the life of a Restaurant Broker

Restaurant Broker

What does a Restaurant Broker actually do daily? Dominique Maddox Founder and President of EATS Broker shares his thoughts about the Day in the life of a Restaurant Broker. Restaurant Brokerage is like a BIG secret fraternity where there is limited membership allowed. A large number of people don’t know the responsibilities or tasks a […]