3 Common Mistakes Restaurant Buyers Make

Mistakes Restaurant Buyers make

What are the Common mistakes restaurant buyers make when buying a restaurant? The answer is complicated but simple at the same time. There are several common mistakes that potential restaurant buyers should be aware of when deciding to buy a restaurant. The Restaurant Broker at EATS Broker provides some of the most common mistakes restaurant […]

4 Worst Decisions when selling a Restaurant

Do you plan to sell a restaurant? What are the worst decisions when selling a restaurant? EATS Broker will provide an inside look at why some restaurant sellers can be disappointed when it’s time to sell a restaurant. Did you know only 20%-30% of the restaurants listed on the market will sell to a new […]

What are the most demanding Restaurants to Sell

What are the most demanding Restaurants to Sell

The most demanding restaurants to sell fall into three categories. Chef-driven restaurants, BBQ restaurants, and unprofitable restaurants or new openings. All three types of restaurants present considerable challenges when it’s time to sell a restaurant. The cold hard fact is that only 30%-40% of restaurants listed for sale will sell to a new buyer. Some […]

3 Types of Restaurants for Sale

Selling restaurants in Texas

The start of a new year brings an increase in the inventory of listed restaurants for sale. There are three types of Restaurants for Sale that buyers will find on the market. The difference between the three types of for-sale methods is how they are listed.   – Restaurants for Sale by a Business Broker […]

How to sell a restaurant? Tell your Restaurant Story

Dallas Restaurant Broker

To sell a restaurant, one must first tell  “The Restaurant Story” to the buyer that they believe and want to be a part of the story moving forward. Restaurant buyers want to know the story of the Restaurant and the owner. The “Restaurant Story” explains why, how, and opportunities for continued success to the buyer. […]

Restaurant Sellers vs. Restaurant Buyers-Different Mindsets

Restaurant Sellers vs. Restaurant Buyers have different mindsets when it involves buying or selling a restaurant. When a restaurant owner decides to sell a restaurant, the primary goals are to get the highest sales price, highest net proceeds, remove the lease as a guarantor, and close quickly. A restaurant buyer’s focus differs slightly from the […]

Commercial Lease is it an Asset or Liability?

Commercial Lease

Your  current commercial lease is it an Asset or Liability? Most Restaurant Owners find a restaurant for lease and sign a commercial lease before they open their restaurant unless they are buying the building. The sad truth is that a large number of restaurant owners never really read the lease they signed, don’t understand the […]

5 Things Sellers should consider with the lease assignment

5 Things Sellers should consider with the lease assignment: The best day of a Restaurant owner’s life in the business world is usually when they first open the doors to their restaurant! The Restaurant Industry can be a tough business and the second-best day for a Restaurant Owner is usually when they sell the restaurant. […]