Selling a Restaurant: What Documentation is needed?

When selling a restaurant, what documentation is needed from the seller? The answer is simple it depends on what type of sales transaction. Trained Restaurant Brokers use two methods when providing a Restaurant Valuation to a seller. The most profitable and best way to sell a restaurant is based on past Profit and Loss Statements […]

Why You Can’t Sell Your Sell Restaurant?

Why can't sell your restaurant?

Have you ever wondered why you can’t sell your restaurant? It’s a fact only about 30%-40% of restaurants for sale listed under 1 million dollars will transfer to new buyers via a sales transaction. Buying an existing restaurant for sale can be a quick approach to become a restaurant owner. This approach eliminates some of […]

Why Do Restaurant Sales Transactions fall apart?

Restaurant Sales Transactions fall apart for a collection of reasons. Some of these issues can be resolved before they derail a deal from closing, but several problems are discovered along the way. Once the restaurant seller and buyer have agreed to terms and signed an Asset Purchase Agreement, the due diligence period will start, and […]

Who pays for closing attorney fees for restaurant sale?

Who pays for closing attorney fees for a restaurant sale, who does the lawyer actually represent? Once the buyer-seller has agreed to a purchase price, next, it’s time to open escrow and hire a closing attorney. The closing attorney represents the buyer, and it’s the buyer’s expense to pay at the closing table. Most transactions […]

Selling a Franchise Restaurant vs Non-Franchise

What are the Pros and Cons of Selling a Franchise Restaurant vs. Non-Franchise is a common question EATS Restaurant Brokers receives from sellers? Franchise Restaurants for Sale make up 60%-70% of all restaurant sold listings annually. Why is the number so high compared to independently owned restaurants? The hard facts are only 30%-40% of restaurants […]

How to Sell a Restaurant- Telling the story

How to sell a restaurant in today’s market only months after the Covid-19 pandemic crippled the restaurant industry is a challenging task. EATS Broker understands selling a restaurant is just not about the tangible items or the goodwill. Buyers in today’s market want to know what the story is of the restaurant. How has covid […]

Why do I need to show proof of funds

Did you know the statement “proof of funds” is not in the Merriam Webster dictionary? This information is interesting because the words, “proof of funds” are used daily in the Business Brokerage world. Proof of Funds (POF) demonstrates how much money a person or entity has available in liquid assets. When purchasing a restaurant, you […]

3 Types of Buyers after Covid-19

EATS Broker talks to 3 Types of Buyers after the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak about buying a restaurant. The conversations we had before Covid-19 were much different than the conversations now. Today’s conversations come with a collection of unknown factors. Today’s market is buzzing with a large number of buyers and sellers entering the market.  Some […]

What Should Your Business Broker know about your business?

If you’ve reached the point where you’d like to sell your business, odds are you’ll want to engage a business broker to help you through the process. The relationship between a Business Broker and seller is a key element to getting a business or restaurant sold. As a seller, a broker can help you streamline […]