Thinking about Selling a Restaurant?

Do you have an exit plan when it’s time to sell? Thinking about selling a restaurant is only the beginning of a process that can take 6-12 months to complete. Preparing a restaurant properly before hitting the sales market can make the difference between, receiving a solid offer from a buyer or selling at a […]

Day in the life of a Restaurant Broker

Restaurant Broker

What does a Restaurant Broker actually do daily? Dominique Maddox Founder and President of EATS Broker shares his thoughts about the Day in the life of a Restaurant Broker. Restaurant Brokerage is like a BIG secret fraternity where there is limited membership allowed. A large number of people don’t know the responsibilities or tasks a […]

Thinking about selling a restaurant?

What should you know today if you are thinking about selling a restaurant? The restaurant resale market has drastically changed from January 2020 to now. The Covid-19 pandemic has reset the restaurant market for available restaurant lease spaces, restaurant price valuations, and increased buyer’s negotiating power. Dominique Maddox a Restaurant Broker and Founder of EATS […]

How can I sell my restaurant fast?

How can I sell my restaurant fast?

Every restaurant owner wants to know, how can I sell my restaurant fast? The art of selling a restaurant is different than selling a residential home. The element they have in common is both a restaurant and a home need preparation before hitting the market for sale. When selling a home, you can usually expect […]

How does Covid-19 affect Restaurant Valuations?

Everybody has a unique story about how the coronavirus crisis has affected their lives. During my alone time I have thought about how does Covid-19 affect Restaurant Valuations moving forward? My personal story as a Restaurant Broker is that I was scheduled to close my 1st deal with my brokerage EATS Restaurant Brokers in March […]

What is the best time to sell a restaurant?

Best time to sell a restaurant

Timing is defined as the choice, judgment, or control of when something should be done. Most Realtors would tell you the best time to sell a house at its highest price point would be May-August. What is the best time to sell a restaurant? EATS Broker would tell you January is the best time to […]